Heartbeat Happenings Autumn 2024

On behalf of the Board, welcome to 2024!

The end of 2023 saw the Board establish partnerships with Sydney University Solve CHD researchers and the Baker Institute. Both these are now signed off and hopefully will bring more educational materials and greater opportunity to be involved in research. Research involvement can range from an internet questionnaire to biological measurement and everything in between. Being involved in research can have an impact on the future and change the management and understanding of cardiac disease. Other partnerships are being discussed, and we will keep you updated.

The role of education in the cardiac community can never be understated, as we learn we can make more informed choices. I would encourage you to find time to go to the website and check out the resources that are there. We will be forwarding new material from our partners as it becomes available. If you wish to comment, please address these to hello@heartbeatvictoria.org.au

During the final months of 2023, we also made some connections with scientists and researchers from other groups, some of whom have voiced a wish to be involved with Heartbeat Victoria. I would encourage you to keep thinking about the type of education you would like. While some of these people have websites and information that we will share, others are interested in showing the cardiac community their workspaces, or even presenting at meetings. If there is something specific your group is looking for, please let us know and we will attempt to source it.

Take care in 2024 and remember those resolutions, particularly the health ones. Let’s make 2024 the year of being the best version we can of ourselves. Let’s also spread the word about the fun, learning and support that comes from being a Heartbeat Victoria member.

Have a wonderful 2024!

Christine Rees

Heartbeat Happenings Autumn 2024