Heart peer support

Support groups are an important first step for people who are recovering from a heart event or adjusting to living with heart disease or a heart condition. Peer support groups provide a place for people to come together, learn about their condition and to speak to others in a similar situation to themselves. Most of all, they provide friendship and support for ongoing heart health and wellbeing.

Peer support can be delivered in many ways: from structured support groups, telephone calls, via the internet, home or hospital visits, going for walks together, having regular coffees or dinners to informal catch ups.

With the right health support it is possible to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

So where does Heartbeat Victoria fit in?

We are a not for profit organisation delivering peer support throughout Victoria. Our aim is to improve physical and social outcomes for Victorians who have suffered a heart condition or event.

What are the benefits in joining a heart peer support group?

Peer support complements and enhances other care services by delivering emotional, social and practical assistance for managing the condition and staying healthy. There is plenty of evidence to be found that delivering peer support in local communities helps people to achieve better social and health outcomes.

For a person living with heart disease or recovering from a heart event, becoming a member of a heart peer support group can have many benefits.

Being part of a heart peer support group:

  • Helps you understand your condition
  • Helps you feel more motivated and make healthier lifestyle choices
  • Helps you feel less alone
  • Assists you to feel more in control and informed about your condition
  • Provides ongoing heart health education and support
  • Provides social and exercise activities
  • Helps you feel a sense of belonging and community connection

Join Heartbeat Victoria today and become part of a heart support group.